Real Fictional Correspondence

December 11th, 2011

In this season of letters to Santa here are some exerpts of letters addressed to Cinderella that recently arrived in my mailbox.

“I know how it feels to write your dead mother. I still talk to my Great Grandma Marie.”
“I wish I was there for you when you were little.”
“Do you get paparatzzi?”
“I’m so dearly sorry your mom died.”
“it was nice of you to take in all those animals at the end.”
“I loved your last note to your mother. It made me cry histaricly.”
“You are a very nice girl and everyone likes you just the way you are.”

Thank you so much to the girls in the book group that wrote from Calabasas, California. Your support and kind thoughts mean a great deal to us both.
Cinderella and Barbara