A Very Merry Christmas

December 20th, 2015

Yuletide  Thumbelina

Yuletide Thumbelina

She’s Worse Than Me

November 4th, 2013

Take Me Home/Ensor 2012

Take Me Home/Ensor 2012

Lately , when I wasn’t trying to write,  seemingly unable to finish a manuscript, (and occasionally sending it out only to hastily demand it back)  I was  listening to podcasts. Whether I appeared to be deep in thought on the subway or choosing apples at the greenmarket,  I was in actual fact  immersed in a conversation on the BBC about what Lauren Bacall  might  take to a desert island, or a  Ted talk that made me love  something I previously thought I had hated. Mostly though I hungrily devoured  interviews with authors fed me through earbuds.  I assumed I did it to get some clue or insight into the secret of how I would finish my novel. As I continued to listen though I began to notice it wasn’t that. In fact I was hardly listening. I’d heard it all by now, and yet I was waiting to  hear something else.

I found out what that was one day while  climbing a flights of  stairs. When asked how she knew when she had finished a novel Maxine Hong Kingston explained she never did finish.   For that reason Ms Kingston told her interviewer, her paperback books are often very different from the hardback editions. I stopped half way up the stairs already gloating. Even in bookshops, she explained, she has been known to get out a pen and begin to make changes. Ms Kingston said all of  this not as though she thought it was either especially cute, or particularly exasperating, just as a simple statement of fact and for this fact I adored her.  I guess I just wanted to one up someone. Because, of course, I would never do that even if I wanted to.






What are you reading?

February 21st, 2012

In order to dig deeper into this business of writing for kids I have been reading more kids’ books. Sort of. Many of them turn out to be “cross over” but officially they are for children. Fascinating how a book I may have read as a child is such a different experience to read as an adult. The Little Prince struck me as overly cute. Almost like it had too much sugar I don’t think I was even able to finish it. Now I’m struck by how original it is and profound. That’s a little strange. Oh but I was older then, I’m younger than that now.